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Sketchdump december 2013 by DamaiMikaz

Find reasons why your best drawings are the best and pay attention to those things in your other drawings. Look at the way the shoulder...

Encounter with a god by DamaiMikaz

The concept of this piece is good. I like the colors too, the blue is very saturated and adds some strength to the painting, although t...

how often do you draw/paint? 

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10-16-14 Drawing Out by Charlesthebird
10-16-14 Drawing Out
Time: 45 min to an hour

This doesn't look too natural, but I feel a little more comfortable drawing figures now that I've been getting back into drawing more, so that's good. I still need to practice anatomy from reference as a refresher, but I'm slowly getting the feel of how it's supposed to be. And I've been practicing hands a lot(outside of what I've been posting on here), so hopefully they'll keep looking better.

Now that I'm looking at it, the top and bottom of the figure looks a little disconnected, but each part on their own doesn't look too bad. Except the upper hand that's out of the picture looks a little unnatural.
10-15-14 Painting2 by Charlesthebird
10-15-14 Painting2
Time: about 2 hours

Used my hand as reference from life and mostly the soft brush instead of the texture brush this time. I like how I'm getting some of the fleshiness down, but I'm still seeing a lot I need to work on. It looked a lot worse before I put the drop shadows in haha. Anyway, I'm happy enough with it, and these are good exercises. I'm ending up only drawing my left hand though, and if I do anything more than a hand, it's going to take a lot longer than 2 hours. I'm barely fitting this in two hours too. I'll keep it up and hopefully it'll get faster.
10-15-14 Painting by Charlesthebird
10-15-14 Painting
Time: about 2 and a half hours

Did this using my hand as a reference. I needed to paint something that wasn't a face for once lol. Anyway I'm glad how it turned out for the most part. The shape was tough to get down, especially because I was doing it from life, and the form was a little tough because I had to stop drawing every couple minutes to put my hand back up and look at it. It was really fun to play around with the color, and while it could be a lot better it was a good learning experience, so I'll hopefully do more hand studies like this soon.
10-13-14 Painting by Charlesthebird
10-13-14 Painting
Time: about 2-3 hours

I don't think I'm going to finish this, but I like how it was going, even though I still see a lot of stuff wrong with it. I don't have as much of the muscle memory for drawing as I had because I haven't been drawing as much, so I'm getting back into improving my color and form faster than I am with my gesture. I feel like this is still an improvement though. Faces can be really good form practice.
10-10-14 Drawing by Charlesthebird
10-10-14 Drawing
Time: about an hour to an hour and a half

I like this one better than the ones I've been doing recently. Designing robots/robot creatures makes me feel like I'm getting back to my comfort zone.

The eye's a little messed up in this one, and some parts of the face look skewed. Also the shape of the head is a little off. Overall the design of the plates is ok I think though.
2013 was pretty busy! I interned at Fablevision, started to learn animation, graduated high school, worked my way through most of the natural way to draw, worked at my dad's dental office, started college at the university of alabama for computer science, pledged the engineering fraternity theta tau, started going to the rec center and getting in shape, learned python and some c, kept on (slowly)improving my art in between classes, and started learning zbrush.

But there's so much more to do!

So here's my goals for myself throughout the next year:

-work on my graphic novel
-do a total of 3 hours of art, exercise, or programming on my own(not for classes or commissions), every day
-learn c++
-learn opengl
-learn html5
-learn css
-learn javascript
-learn jquery
-learn php
-learn lisp
-learn the slick api for java
-make a simple app for android in java
-make a decent/playable simple video game, preferably with 3d animation, c++, and opengl, by the end of the year
-learn after effects
-learn much more about zbrush
-learn maya(student licenses are free, if you're interested in 3d animation and a student, you should definitely check it out)
-continue to improve my drawing/painting
-start working on stories and world building
-get a computer science internship over the summer
-spend the summer productively(especially if I don't have an internship)
-create the Nick Kwon Do program(an introduction to the fundamentals of taekwondo+boxing)
-spend less time on facebook

Good luck with yours! I'm exited to see how this year goes!


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Nick Bucher
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi! I'm a self taught artist studying computer science at the University of Alabama. In between classes I practice programming, drawing, and animation.

If you would like to request a commission or contact me for another reason I can be reached at



Tue Nov 19, 2013, 2:17 PM


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